The increasing traffic gridlock across the Bay Area forces commuters to spend more and more time in their cars. More than 400,000 commuters rely on BART every day—keeping hundreds of thousands of cars off our already impacted roads and freeways. 

BART fills a vital need by providing a regional transit option in the Bay Area. I am running for the BART Board of Directors because BART can do better. We need to improve the system for commuters and help reduce traffic congestion.

Over a decade as a Fremont Councilmember taught me the importance of planning and policy, and the strength of public/private partnerships when working regionally. My significant planning and public policy experience needed to improve and grow BART’s infrastructure so Bay Area commuters have a safe, clean world class transit system.




Anu commutes on BART daily and knows firsthand about delays, dirty trains, unusable restrooms, and public safety issues. She has time riding on the train to contemplate how to improve the system so Bay Area commuters have a safer, cleaner transit system they can rely upon.



Anu is an urban planner and has expertise in policy. From her experience as Fremont’s Vice Mayor and Councilmember for ten years, she understands the strength of regional partnerships. She is the Chair of the Measure RR BART Bond Oversight Committee.




The Bay Area is the epicenter of innovative solutions— Anu knows how our region's unique imagination and cutting-edge  technology should be applied to provide everyone with the dependable, seamless public transit that relieves traffic congestion and fulfills our reputation.